Why does Anderson need CoWorking?

The Bureau of Labor and statistics estimates that by 2020 about 65 million Americans will be freelancers, temps, independent contractors and solopreneurs, making up about 40% of the workforce.


It’s not just those who are self-employed that are benefiting. As coworking becomes the future of business, larger companies like AT&T and Zappos are starting to capitalize on this new shift, confirming that the benefits are real. And, while the workforce continues to shift, traditional office settings will become as obsolete as fax machines and dial up Internet.

Over 80% of Co-Working spaces expand every two years. The Expansion is expected to significantly increase as Generation Z enters the workforce.

Locally Launch Fishers started in 2012 and is now at 750 Members and over 500 Companies represented.  In the past year, I have personally witnessed 7 companies move from Launch Fishers to their own office space in the immediate area. Those moves are to 3000 to 20000 sq. ft. offices.

In 2012 200 Generation Z (born between 1990-2010) persons were gathered in North Carolina to discuss their expectations for cities in 2020. The number one expectation is abundant Co-Working space in their downtowns.

“As the American workforce trends toward independent contracting, freelance, and temping, co-working spaces and the collaborative, connective environments they create become more and more important – from both a social and professional standpoint,” said Beau Button, Founder of WebDevrs and the Dojo in New Orleans. “No longer the exception, co-working spaces will be the rule.”

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